We welcome back dynamic director Femi Ladi to our remarkable roster of progressive talent! Femi is known for pushing the envelope and enticing his audience, by exhibiting day-to-day life experiences in an abstract manner within his work.

The thought provoking director is one to keep your eye on, with his passion for creating compelling content through film and his unblemished style.

Femi started as a runner for production company Th1ng, where he met Corin West, the Directors’ Rep of Th1ng who is now the MD of The Visionaries. Corin began to represent Femi in the early days of The Visionaries and the early stages of Femi’s directing career. Fast forward 2 year later and Femi has become more established in adland after working for Havas, Saatchi & Saatchi and Stink Studios.

Femi’s work is inspired by the intersection of his community, the stories that emerge within the multicultural happenings around him and experiences within the mysticism of London, and its multidimensional offerings.

Watching his films, it’s clear he intends creating a warmth and affinity for his subjects, with hidden meanings and light humour.

Femi continuously challenges archetypes, letting characters evolve naturally before an audience, with enduring impact.

We are ecstatic to have him on board with us at The Visionaries and are eagerly waiting to see what he pulls out the bag next!