Martin Bennett's New Spot for Hertz Embodies The Holiday You've Always Wanted

Kick off this summer with an adventurous new spot by Martin Bennett that’s guaranteed to give you the travel bug.

Martin Bennett x Hertz - 2.JPG

Made for Hertz Car Rental, the dreamy spot shows the best that the hot season has to offer. From sunny beach days to quiet evenings in nature to exploring new cities, Bennett captures the excitement and optimism of summer.

With a background in advertising photography, Bennett clearly has an eye for detail and graphic imagery. His stunning cinematography, capturing scenes worthy of a National Geographic magazine, coupled with clean editing and the catchiest, happiest French song imaginable creates a romanticized, idealistic image of a summer we can all only imagine having.

Martin Bennett x Hertz - 5.JPG
Martin Bennett x Hertz - 8.JPG

Shot on location in Barcelona, Spain, the spot highlights not only the city’s stunning visuals but also Bennett’s skills in storytelling. Despite its fast pace, Bennett still manages to craft a sense of warmth, optimism, and wonder in the 1-minute ad. He captures the enthusiasm and excitement only found on holiday.

So pack your bags and get ready — Martin Bennett (and his new spot) is going to bring the urge to travel to you. Check it out!