Multi-talented BAFTA award-winning director Claire Norowzian joins our roster of incredible talent at The Visionaries! She is known for often incorporating quirky imagery, exuberant characters and captivating narratives in her work.

She started her career in broadcasting at MTV, before moving onto Nickelodeon where she won two BAFTA awards for Best Short Form. She won in 2007 for ‘Nickelodeon’s Big Green Thing’ and in 2010 for her TV series, ‘Nick Jr’s Bedtime Stories,’ 

Claire’s work goes beyond narratives for children. She has worked at Red Bee, BBC Creative and picked up 16 Promax’s and a Gold Kinsale Shark along the way.

Claire has a very stylistic and experimental sense of directing, which progressively changes through her films. Her innovative approach consists of a visual style that is undoubtedly creative and captivating,  which has proven to work well with children, octogenarian’s and everyone in between.

Claire is from a family of film directors, so it was almost inevitable she would acquire her list of talents. Even though she has proven her ability to do almost everything, we are still very intrigued to see what she can surprise us with next!