Toby Meakins' Fast and Furious Spot for Jaguar Land Rover

Quick shots, for a quick car — Toby Meakins’ latest work for Jaguar Land Rover is as fast and sleek as the car itself.

Done as an internal film for Jaguar, the spot was only shown to the employees of Jaguar itself.

With a background in dystopian and horror genres, Meakins brings his eerie and futuristic style to the spot. He uses quick cuts and quick camera movements, through zooming in and panning across, to create a cutting edge feel. Meakins presents to us the vision of the future and the car to cruise in it.

However, this isn’t Meakins only brush with a large company. He’s worked with Deloitte and HSBC, and even created his own short film, FLOOR 9.5, which has been praised by AdWeek and awarded a 2018 Cannes Lion and a Best of the Best at the Brand Film Festival.

This latest spot for Jaguar only adds to Meakins’ already impressive resume of work. Fast, sleek, and modern, it’s a fearless film for a fearless car. Check it out: