Johnny Han writes, directs and produces Crypt TV's 'Terra'

Creative visionary Johnny Han has added another masterpiece to his impressive and diverse repertoire.

Han, a multi-Emmy award-winning director and creator, has recently created a short horror film commissioned by Crypt TV, a well-renowned entertainment company backed by Jason Blum known for “distributing horror themed digital content.”

Han wrote, produced, and directed the short film “Terra,” about a Mother Nature incarnate that possesses the elements and takes revenge on those who have wronged the earth. Released only a little over a month ago, the video has racked up over a million views in its first week in its Facebook release, and now has over 800,000 views on YouTube.

“Terra” is just the latest addition to Han’s ever-growing list of works. Han first made a splash in the industry through his VFX work, lending his unique touch to blockbusters such as 2012, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and Pacific Rim. He’s also won two Primetime Emmy Awards for his work on the TV show, Heroes, as well as a Daytime Emmy last year for his work in, Lost in Oz.

In the past few years, however, Han has started to cross over into live-action directing, primarily working on commercials and the occasional music video. A few notable works include spots for Jaguar, McDonald’s, and the Ghost in the Shell game. Recently, Han shot an ad for Philips Shavers X Star Wars limited collection.

Regarding his shift into directing, Han says that while he will always love VFX work, directing has given him “a more expansive creative playing field to truly dream up stories that go beyond pixels on the screen.” To Han, all the higher stakes are “hands down worth it” when considering his “opportunity to affect people.”

Han states that commercials were perfect to dive into live-action directing since it involves the “same production professionalism” as VFX, involving the ability “to objectively understand [the] client’s intentions… [while] at the same time injecting just enough of [his] own personal creative fervour into the process.” Describing this skill as “the most valuable thing [he] learned in 18 years of VFX,” Han appears to be applying it perfectly to his current works.

A quadruple-threat, Han’s just beginning to show us all the tricks he has up his sleeve.