Luca Caon joins The Visionaries

A true storyteller, Luca Caon has been working in visual storytelling since his early twenties, first as journalist and photojournalist. He then went onto work as various roles in feature films in Italy and Switzerland.

His work includes fashion films, TVC’s, corporate and branded content, with a focus on luxury and beauty brands including Armani, Valentino, Hugo Boss, Lavazza and Samsung. 

Luca Caon’s work combines engaging narrative with high-end imagery. Luca's style, made of great attention to detail, symmetrical image composition and sumptuous cinematography, has been the choice of a wide range of Italian an international clients, with his minimalist elegance and its uncompromising cinematic quality.  

His personal pursuit as a commercial director is to tell engaging stories through perfectly crafted cinematic images. Tailoring the style and the visual approach of every film to the exact requirements of every project .

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