Patrick Killingbeck joins The Visionaries for freelance representation

Patrick Killingbeck started his creative journey by creating beautiful installations and art exhibitions but soon moved into making films.

After earning his stripes in music videos, Patrick delved into the world of commercials directing ads for global brands.  His style embraces high levels of aestheticism with a focus on framing and styling, supporting the story at the heart of each video.  Breaking away from the boundaries of traditional film, Patrick captures his subjects in refreshing and captivating ways creating his bold and recognisable style.

His work is stylish and sophisticated yet always considered and thought through; his goal is to be able to elevate the mundane with beauty and meaning; to spark insights and reflection into people’s minds with an image. 

A testament to his words is his ability to deliver beautiful work for popular brands such as Prada, Barbour and Saga.

His goal is to keep refining his craft and tuning his style which will make him recognisable in the industry.

To check out more of his work click here.