Get Pumped with Dan Gianini’s Latest Work for Sweaty Betty

Photographer and filmmaker, Dan Gianini has created a series of different spots for Sweaty Betty’s 2019 campaign.

Marking Sweaty Betty’s 20th anniversary, the campaign seeks to subvert societal conventions and highlights the power and strength in femininity. With its core spokespeople of three female fitness influencers, the campaign launched in January and ran for three months, celebrating female empowerment the whole way through.

Gianini’s work for the campaign includes a variety of different 20-second ads starring the three influencers, who consist of a yogi, a boxer, and a dancer. The three women, who differ in age and background, embark on what seems like an unrehearsed hangout session, sharing tidbits about their life and what empowers them. It is fun, it is light, it is inspiring.

With experience in fashion filmmaking and photography, Gianini knows just how to capture the perfect blend of femininity and power in a way that is raw and real.

His work highlights exactly what their brand stands for: it “inspires women to find empowerment through fitness.” Through a series of close-ups and fast cuts, Gianini highlights each woman’s individuality in a way that is light and playful. Capturing each woman in her element,  Gianini creates an ad that is real and powerful, inviting other women to own their power.

Empowering, inspiring, and feminine, Gianini perfectly captures what it means to be, a Sweaty Betty.