Will Innes Smith Joins The Visionaries!

The fresh prince of filmmaking has joined our talented roster — please welcome Will Innes Smith to The Visionaries!

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From photography to live-action, CGI to animation, Smith has created works in a range of creative mediums. Across a series of different subjects, such as youth culture, sports, food, and fashion, Smith lends his eye for detail and stylish visual approach to all that he does, creating a unique style to all his work that is undeniably his own.

A passionate multifaceted lifestyle filmmaker, Smith describes his style as focusing on the aesthetic and emotive. Smith straddles the line well, producing works that are bold yet poised; there’s a certain rawness to his work, preventing it from becoming too controlled but rather real and unique. Through experimental camera angles and compositions, Smith creates works that are bold and bright yet still capture a certain sense of emotion, character, and story that adds a feeling of sentimentality and connection to it. It is personable, innovative, and original — it is Will Innes Smith.

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As a creative, Smith combines captivating images with exciting ideas, resulting in films that resonate with a modern audience. He’s written and conceived a number of viral successes, including the well renowned launch film for Sony Playstation, “4 the Players since 1995.” Furthermore, his work has been recognized by the Royal Television Society and he’s made spots for Celebrity Big Brother and Delta Airlines.

On top of directing, Smith is also a partner in the London-based creative production company, gotgotneed, leading and representing a whole new generation of talented and award-winning directors.

Will Innes Smith is a force to be reckoned with, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.

Check out his reel here: