Hollywood starlet Jeremy Haccoun joins our roster of talent!

Jeremy Haccoun is signed to CAA in L.A for feature films, he is now back to share his incredible artistry with us here in adland.

Jeremy’s recent work includes his cinematic commercial campaign for chinese phone company OPPO, which stars one of Hollywood’s A-list actors, Leonardo DiCaprio. As well as “the world’s most interactive film” he made for Subaru, which won a Spike Award.

Jeremy is truly one of a kind and has been devoted to developing his craft from a young age. He began at the age of 11 making short films from a VHS camcorder he borrowed from his father’s shop. So there no surprise that he directed his first TV spot at 21 years old and earned himself his first million-dollar budget at the age of 24.

His two short films Alchemy, an adventure epic and The Battery won numerous awards in his native France, before getting a national release in french theatres during his youth.

“Honors the very best of Steven Spielberg” - Indiewire

Jeremy’s recent short film Beyond is inspired by the early Spielberg films. It’s an epic adventure short about a boy turning into a hero to rescue his parents from a burning wreck. The short was screened at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood and received praise from industry press.

Jeremy has attained a lot of experience over the years in large-scale shoots which include A-list talent, incredible performances and FX heavy post-productions which is apparent in his work.

A director like Jeremy brings exciting opportunities to The Visionaries clients in both commercials and longer form branded content.

If you want to work with Jeremy or any one of our amazing directors get in touch.