Our roster includes an innovative range of talent and Ruth Sewell is no exception to that list! She’s teamed up with JWT to direct a series of videos for Avon & CoppaFeel!

CoppaFeel! is a hands-on charity dedicated to raising awareness of breast cancer. They wanted to translate the ‘hands-on’ part in a proactive approach into the videos by putting emphasis on active and physical participation, as they say - “It’s all about rolling up your sleeves and doing stuff that makes a difference.”

The Visionaries director, Ruth Sewell, has directed the whole campaign for Avon & Coppafeel! In her first major campaign and working for JWT, she drove the art direction with an imaginative display of props and came up with lots of the clever ideas that make the campaign so vibrant.

“This series was a pleasure to work on from start to finish. Brilliant creative genius Jo Taylor and I took the brief and really ran with it, so it became a slightly more ambitious project than we’d first intended, and we ended up shooting 163 shots in two days. There were hundreds of props, many of them handmade - so it was a real labour of love to pull it all together in prep. The design team at JWT pulled out all the stops, Jo raided her mum’s attic and we collected an ever-growing stash of Amazon boxes in the office.” - Ruth Sewell, Director.

“This was a brilliant project for a really important cause. Avon and CoppaFeel! asked us to create a suite of content films for their website, social channels and events. Each film had its own objective, but ultimately they were all about getting more hands-on boobs, and more breast cancers caught early.” - Jo Taylor, Creative Director at JWT.

A director like Ruth brings out the best in whatever she gets her hands on, whether big or small. We are confident in knowing she will amaze us all again with her next piece of work in the near future!