Gundeep directs the Wembley Cup fof EE

Fresh off of his hugely successful street football competition ‘The Last Stand’ Gundeep Anand is back directing another Football related series, The Wembley Cup.

The EE Wembley Cup 2018 is a seven-part football series building up to one massive live final at Wembley Stadium on Sunday 25th November. EE has teamed up with Next Level to rip up the football rulebook. They’re hosting a tournament with four of YouTube’s most talked about teams going head-to-head for the coveted title.

This new YouTube series for EE further cements Gundeep’s immense passion for football and British culture. However, this isn't your average tournament. EE have flipped the rules, having only 30-minute matches and a ejection rule, meaning a player is removed at random every minute of extra time.

The teams that are competing are F2 FC, Rebel FC, XO FC and Hashtag Utd

Gundeep never fails to produce raw and realistic content that everyone can identify with. Always making his work one of a kind, he has wowed us once again with the Wembley Cup. and we can’t wait for the episodes to follow!

Make sure to take a look at the trailer and first few episodes on their channel by clicking here.