Sam Washington's Diverse New TVCs 'Raise Hells'

Camden Hells new campaign highlights a diverse group of people who drink the lager. The Campaign, titled Raise Hells focuses on four different people who tell their own respective stories, whether it be a speech or a song. Washington garners subtle and poignant performance from each of the artists.

David Reviews gave four stars to both the See and Hamlet spots. Speaking on the latter, they said, 'It's refreshing to see an ad from the emerging craft beer genre which doesn't rely on parody and dares to venture outside comedy to make a splash' You can read their takes here and here.

Little Black Book spoke to Sir John Hegarty, who served as creative director, about the ads. Speaking about the conventional beer ad, John said, 'We wanted to be different yet relevant to the spirit of Camden. We also wanted ideas that challenged conventional beer ads. And therefore characters who did just that. We wanted to wake up our audience and make them think as well as smile. To Raise Hells. 

Executive producer Sarah Marcon talked about the performances in the four different pieces. 'All of the artists were themselves on set, no hammy deliveries and no one was over directed. Just each person delivering their lines in a way that felt natural and comfortable to them.'

You can read the full LBB article here and see more of Sam's work here.