Hardey Speight Kicks Off the ICC Cricket World Cup with a Cricket-Inspired New Spot

Let the games begin --  the ICC Cricket World Cup, that is, and Hardey Speight’s made just the right spot to kick off the season.

Hosted by England and Wales and watched by millions of viewers worldwide, the ICC Cricket World Cup stands as one of the most viewed and anticipated events of 2019. Engaging and exciting, the Games serve as the perfect backdrop for OPPO’s latest mobile phone ad.

Hardey x OPPO - 10.JPG

Encouraging fans to “be a shot maker in everything they do,” the spot features youths worldwide uniting and seizing the moment to play cricket. The fast-paced spot serves to align OPPO’s forward-thinking brand with cricket, a global phenomenon that is only growing in popularity and potential.

There is no one better than Speight to unite the two and capture the excitement and essence of the game. Speight always strives to strike a balance between the human story and cinematic vision, which is clear in this spot. He plays with a myriad of different shot lengths and angles, as well as rapid cutting, whilst still managing to focus and centre in on the theme of the ad: the burn and passion of youths and cricket players, alike.

Hardey x OPPO - 1.JPG
Hardey x OPPO - 6.JPG

Speight’s signature immersive, visceral, and poetic tone and style is evident throughout the spot. He simultaneously guides us through a narrative of empowered youths, seeking adventure, whilst also capturing the thrill of cricket, guaranteed to inspire and excite sport-lovers everywhere.

With Speight’s spot, it’s safe to say: the games have commenced.